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Best Facials in Pittsburgh using Eminence Organic Facial Skin Care in Robinson Township, PA

Best facials in Pittsburgh
are now available at Pure Skin Care Center in Robinson Township. Organic facials in Pittsburgh using Eminence Organic skin care products. Facials at Pure Skin Care Pittsburgh brings you affordable luxury.

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Pittsburgh Facials at Pure Skin Care Center: What makes Eminence organic products different?

Eminence Organic skin care is made with fresh natural fruit pulp, exotic spices, and plants. Products used for organic facials contain blends of fruit, vegetables, natural oils, etc.

Pittsburgh Facials at Pure Skin Care Center: Is Eminence organic skin care paraben and preservative free?
Eminence certified organic skin care uses organic ingredients are hand picked and hand mixed in small batches, combined with thermal hot spring water to create skin care that contain potent beautifying and healing properties, free of chemical preservatives, added fragrance, parabens, and phthalates.

Best Facials in Pittsburgh - What types do you offer?
We offer customized facial treatments for all skin types, including acne prone, aging, or pigmented skin. We also offer an "Express" facial that will keep your skin looking great in between visits. One of our popular services is a combination facial with diamond tip microdermabrasion.

Facials in Pittsburgh - how can they help with my acne?
Eminence Organic skin care has a specific line to address the needs of our acne prone clientele without harsh chemicals. We are also happy to announce the addition of FDA approved Celluma Blue LED Light Treatments that you may add to your organic acne facial for an special price of $20 when done at the time of your facial. Blue LED light therapy is FDA approved to help kill the acne bacteria.

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All facials are customized to your needs and include the following:

Pittsburgh Facial New Client Special: for a limited time, Pure Skin Care Center is offering your first microdermabrasion treatment with a complimentary organic mini facial for $49, a savings of $46 over our regular price of $95. To book now online, click here.

Arctic Berry Peptide Illuminating Peel

The perfect all inclusive peel + peptide infusion when your skin needs deep cell regeneration and resurfacing – with zero down time. Skin is left smooth, firm, and incredibly luminous. Targets collagen loss, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and inflammation in all skin types. Best results are seen with a series of professional treatments one to two times per month, supported by home care with the Arctic Berry Peel & Peptide Illuminating System retail kit. 30 minute treatment. Eminence Organics home peel maintenance kit is $130, and will supply you with 4-6 home peels. $125 or 3/$350

Customized Organic Facial Pittsburgh
After a consult, our highly trained Esthetician will choose and or custom mix products will effectively address your skin concerns. Custom organic facial that includes deep cleansing steam, exfoliation, customized masque with facial massage, serum, moisturizer, and mineral SPF. Includes decollete, hand and arm massage. 60 minutes. $99

Mangosteen Enzyme Micro-Peel Rejuvenating Treatment is a fabulous treatment and a deluxe facial service suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin. First a diamond tip microdermabrasion removes the outermost layer of dead skin cells to reveal the fresher, younger skin beneath. Next, an oxygenating yet gentle exfoliant is applied and removed with steam towels. This is followed by a facial massage with Eminence Organic Mangosteen enzyme and penetrating steam with warm towel removal. After toning is a customized organic serum, moisturizer and mineral SPF for a glowing complexion. $99

Eminence Organic Pure Forest Micro Facial
This Korean inspired beauty treatment begins with deep cleansing, next microdermabrasion removes dead skin cells to reveal the fresher, younger skin beneath. An oxygenating exfoliant is applied and removed with steam towels. Followed by a facial massage with Eminence Organic Snow Mushroom & Reishi mask and penetrating steam with warm towel removal. Birch Water Purifying Essense is applied, followed by serum, moisturizer and mineral SPF for a glowing, purified complexion. 50 minute service. $99

Firming Acai Anti-Aging Facial
Get a lift with our Acai firming facial. Anti-aging facial includes deep cleansing steam, exfoliation, firming organic Acai masque, infusion of firming serum, application of hibiscus eye lift, moisturizer, sunblock and decollete, hand and arm massage. 60 minutes. $99

Eminence Organics Strawberry Exfoliating Microdermabrasion Facial
Treat yourself to our seasonal Eminence Organics Strawberry Exfoliating Micro-Facial. This luscious warm weather treat includes a deep cleanse, diamond tip microdermabrasion treatment, strawberry rhubarb dermafoliant that exfoliates with lactic acid, application of a strawberry rhubarb hyaluronic acid hydrating mask that is removed with warm towels, strawberry firming serum infusion, moisturizer, and sunblock application. Perfect for dehydrated, and/or sensitive skin. $99

Bright Illuminizing Facial for Dull and/or Hyperpigmented Skin
Our Eminence Organics "Bright Skin" facial includes deep cleansing steam, Stone Crop exfoliator, illuminizing masque for facial brightening, kojic acid serum infusion, brightening moisturizer and SPF. Includes decollete, arm and hand massage. 60 minutes. $99

Acne Relief Express Facial Treatment
Clear Pore Refining acne treatment includes deep cleansing steam, exfoliator, mud mineral or charcoal masque for deep pore cleansing, facial massage with hydrating gel and application of non-pore clogging mineral SPF. 30 minutes. $69 (If extractions are needed, please choose our "Healthy Skin Facial with Extractions" below).

Clear Skin Treatment Facial with EXTRACTIONS
Facial refining treatment includes deep cleansing removed with hot towels, steam, customized exfoliating masque for deep pore cleansing, extractions, specialized serum, and facial massage and application of non-pore-clogging SPF. 60 minutes. $110

Organic Facial EXPRESS
In a rush? enjoy a 30 minute "pick me up". Our "express" organic facial that includes deep cleansing steam, customized masque for your specific facial needs, and facial massage. Does not include extractions. 30 minutes. $69

Ultrasonic Exfoliation Add-on Service
Exfoliation add-on to any facial service. A guided tool activated by ultrasonic soundwaves (28,000 vibrations per second) lifts debris out of pores and infuses nutrients deep into the skin. Clears out clogged pores and used in crevices such as in the chin or sides of the nose to remove dirt, old oil, and even blackheads. Often called "soft peeling". There is little to no redness or downtime with this treatment. $20 (add-on only).

Organic Blueberry Enzyme Firming Detox Peel
A rejuvenating organic enzyme peel specifically designed for toning, improving texture, and detoxifying skin. A mid-strength professional peel to help open pores, exfoliate, and digest dead skin cells. Blend of blueberry, blackberry, raspberry juice and pineapple enzyme, paprika, grape extract, Lactic Acid, Coenzyme Q10, and Alpha Lipoic Acid to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve the appearance of skin. Includes deep cleanse, moisturizer and sunscreen application. $90

Add-on an Organic Enzyme Peel to any facial
Upgrade any existing facial service with an enzyme peel. $20

Can I add Microdermabrasion to my facial?
Yes you can! Just let us know when scheduling your appointment so that we may schedule the correct amount of time. The cost to add-on a microdermabrasion to your facial or enzyme peel is $30.

Can I receive a facial if I am pregnant or breast feeding?
Facials have generally been considered safe for both pregnant and breast feeding clients, due to it's non-invasive nature. Our facials use Eminence Organics skin care that is free of parabens, phthalates, chemical preservatives, and fragrance.

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Organic Facials in Pittsburgh
Best facials in Pittsburgh
Pure Skin Care Center
1310 Park Manor Blvd., Robinson Township
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

best facials pittsburgh

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