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Best Pittsburgh Facials using Eminence Organic Facial Skin Care in Robinson Township, PA

Best Facials in Pittsburgh
are now available at Pure Skin Care Center in Robinson Township. Facials using Eminence Organic skin care products. Pure Skin Care Pittsburgh brings you affordable luxury.

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Pittsburgh Facials at Pure Skin Care Center: What makes Eminence organic products different?

Eminence Organic skin care is made with fresh natural fruit pulp, exotic spices, and plants. Products used for organic facials contain blends of fruit, vegetables, natural oils, etc.

Is Eminence organic skin care paraben and preservative free?
Eminence certified organic skin care uses organic ingredients are hand picked and hand mixed in small batches, combined with thermal hot spring water to create skin care that contain potent beautifying and healing properties, free of chemical preservatives.

Facials in Pittsburgh - What types do you offer?
We offer customized facial treatments for all skin types, including acne prone, aging, or pigmented skin. We also offer an "Express" facial that will keep your skin looking great in between visits. One of our popular services is a combination facial with diamond tip microdermabrasion.

For a deluxe facial service suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin, our Ultrasonic Facial is a fabulous treatment! We apply an Eminence Organic enzyme peel beforehand to start the exfoliation process so when we use the ultrasonic tool it exfoliates deeper into the skin to give better results. A nutrient solution is applied to the skin to loosen surface dead skin cells and a guided spatula activated by ultrasonic sound waves (28,000 vibrations per second) lifts the dead cells off the skin. While doing this, customized serums are being infused deep into the skin allow the “new” skin cells to get hydrated and plumped. When the blade is angled and used in crevices such as in the chin or sides of the nose, you can remove dirt, old oil, and even blackheads. This treatment is excellent for clearing out clogged pores. Your skin is left soft, fresh, clean and glowing. $135

Facials - can they help with my acne?
Eminence Organic skin care has a specific line to address the needs of our acne prone clientele without harsh chemicals. We are also happy to announce the addition of FDA approved Celluma Blue LED Light Treatments that you may add to your organic acne facial for an special price of $20 when done at the time of your facial. Blue LED light therapy is FDA approved to help kill the acne bacteria.

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All facials are customized to your needs and include the following:

Firming Acai Anti-Aging Facial Get a lift with our Acai firming facial. Anti-aging facial includes deep cleansing steam, exfoliation, firming organic
Acai masque, infusion of firming serum, application of hibiscus eye lift, moisturizer, sunblock and decollete, hand and arm massage. 60 minutes. $70

PURE Beauty Hydrate and Plump Organic Facial
Be a PURE beauty at your next event. Our "PURE Beauty" facial includes deep cleansing steam, exfoliation, steam, replenishing masque for deep hydration, hyaluronic acid serum infusion, application of hibiscus eye lift, customized moisturizer, SPF and a decollete, arm and hand massage with organic massage oil. 60 minutes. $80

Bright Illuminizing Facial for Dull and/or Hyperpigmented Skin
Our "Bright Skin" facial includes deep cleansing steam, Stone Crop exfoliator, illuminizing masque for facial brightening, kojic acid serum infusion, brightening moisturizer and SPF. Includes decollete, arm and hand massage. 60 minutes. $70

Acne Relief Express Facial
Clear Pore Refining acne treatment facial includes deep cleansing steam, exfoliator, mud mineral or charcoal masque for deep pore cleansing, facial massage with hydrating gel and application of non-pore clogging mineral SPF. 30 minutes. $45 (If extractions are needed, please choose our "Healthy Skin Facial with Extractions" below.

Healthy Skin Treatment Facial with Extractions
Facial refining treatment facial includes deep cleansing steam, customized exfoliating masque for deep pore cleansing, extractions, specialized serum, and massage. 60 minutes. $89

Customized Organic Facial
Custom organic facial that includes deep cleansing steam, exfoliation, customized masque with facial massage, serum, moisturizer, and mineral SPF. Includes decollete, hand and arm massage. 60 minutes. $80

Custom Facial with Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion Add-on
After a thorough diamond-tip microdermabrasion treatment, enjoy a 30 minute "express" facial that includes deep cleansing steam, customized masque with massage, serum application, moisturizer, and gentle SPF. 60 minutes. $100

Express Organic Facial

In a rush? enjoy a 30 minute "pick me up". Our "express" organic facial that includes deep cleansing steam, customized masque for your specific facial needs, and facial massage. 30 minutes. $40

Facials in Pittsburgh
Best facial in Pittsburgh at PURE Clinical Skin Care Center
Robinson Township
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

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*Prices subject to change.